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Work with me 🌹

I work directly with clients to build/design websites and applications that they need. My goal is to save you money by providing you the A+ service, at a significantly lower cost than using consultants or a technology agency.

My typical clients are:

  • small businesses in need of a custom designed website
  • small businesses that need help updating their current website
  • startups in need of application development
  • startups that need technical expertise &/or a technical lead

The Process

I will sit down with you and discuss the challenges you've faced in the past, what you want to accomplish and what kind of timeline you are working with. If we both feel like it's a fit, I move forward and build out a custom proposal and rough timeline for you detailing all aspects of the project.

Once agreed upon, I like to start ASAP so we can get your project out the door as quickly as possible and before the project deadline. Once complete, I hand over all files, and documents to you.

If I think the project requires an extra hand in the design phase, I have a few talented designers that I like to work with. This comes as no cost to my clients - myself and the designer usually end up splitting the project fee together.

The Technologies I Like To Use

In the past, I've worked with a variety of languages and frameworks so I am completely open to satisfy your technology needs.

That being said, I do have some technologies that I prefer.

For web applications, my go to framework is Ruby on Rails for ease of use and rapid development. My goal with each Rails project is to write maintainable code that future developers can work with.

For building websites, I use Wordpress. To this day, it is still the best for building a completely customized website that I can give to my clients to control their whole website.


Below I've included a table with some basic pricing. Each project is a different price but these are just some examples to give you a ballpark.

Type Price Specs
Custom Wordpress Website $2,000 - 10 custom pages/templates
- 5 installed plugins
- Completely customizeable by client
Small Web Application $7,500 - Completely customized web application
- Documentation on all aspects of app for future
- Customizeable by client*

Want to move forward or see some of my previous work?

Contact me on Twitter here. Let me know more about your project, timelines and any more details you think I'd need to know. If you have a project in mind that you think I'd be a good fit for, let's get things kicking!